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Dear partners, dear readers,

On 1st February during the swearing-in ceremony of H.E. Mr Serge Telle, the Principality of Monaco's new Minister of State, H.S.H. Sovereign Prince Albert II confirmed his commitment to "place more than ever before the protection of the Planet, the preservation of peace and the promotion of development at the heart of Monaco's international reach".

As 2016 starts, in the face of the deadly terrorist attacks which have undermined development efforts in our cooperation countries in Burkina Faso, Tunisia and Mali, and which have also affected Europe, our mission is proving to be increasingly difficult but equally increasingly necessary.

Once again this year we shall strive to implement an increasingly efficient and responsible cooperation policy.

Bénédicte Schutz, Director of the International Cooperation

March – Partnership with Italy's Official Development Assistance

Following the Agreement signed on 31 March 2015 between the Prince's Government and the Government of the Italian Republic in the field of cooperation for development, the Office of International Cooperation travelled to Rome on 23 and 24 March 2016 for an update on this partnership and on co-financed projects.

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March - Mauritania - First stone laid for Riadh emergency fire station in Nouakchott

On Wednesday 9 March 2016, the first stone of the Riadh emergency fire station was laid in Nouakchott, Mauritania. This will be third emergency fire station built in the Mauritanian capital with funding from the Prince’s Government since 2010.

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1st march - World Civil Defence Day

The civil defence assistance programme, jointly supported by Monaco’s Office of International Cooperation and the Fire and Emergency Service is one of the flagship initiatives of Monaco’s Official Development Assistance. The programme has two beneficiaries: Burkina Faso and Mauritania.

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Discover the Office of International Cooperation video clip

February - Mali – Mr. Keita, wearing an orthopaedic device thanks to the support of Monaco's Official Development Assistance to the Father Bernard Verspieren Centre, tells us his story

Mohamed Keita, a young Malian man aged 27, was the victim of a road traffic accident that occurred in 2011, at a time when he was supposed to be writing a dissertation for his final studies. He says that he thought his life had changed forever.

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February - Morocco – the Office of International Cooperation is continuing its partnership with Zakoura Education Foundation

The Office of International Cooperation, which has been a partner of the Zakoura Education Foundation since 2008, is reaffirming its trust in the Foundation's work by supporting its integrated programmes to strengthen local communities. These programmes benefit more than 1,600 disadvantaged people in remote areas of the Atlas and South Moroccan regions.

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Prince’s Government supports rural microcredit in Niger and Madagascar

The Office of International Cooperation has recently partnered with the non-governmental organisation Zebunet to support small-scale farming and the development of livestock breeding in Niger and Madagascar through the provision of microloans.

January - Partnership between the Prince's Government and Sciences Po - awareness-raising session on aid for development

The 2016 Winter School, organised by the Office of International Cooperation, was held from 18 to 22 January on the Campus of Sciences Po in Menton, dedicated to the Middle East – Mediterranean region. The aim of the Winter School is to raise first-year students' awareness of development aid issues.

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January - Monaco Collectif Humanitaire annual meeting: 272 children treated since the start of the project

On Friday 15 January, members of Monaco Collectif Humanitaire (associations, health centres, the Monegasque Red Cross and the Prince's Government) gathered at their annual meeting. Since the project began in 2008, 272 children, mostly from the African continent, have been operated in Monaco for conditions that are inoperable in their own country.

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January - Mongolia - The Prince's Government is supporting UNICEF in the development of preschool education

Mobile yurt schools and a pilot home schooling project implemented by UNICEF in Mongolia enable children living in remote areas to have access to preschool education.

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Bénédicte Schutz, Director of the International Cooperation, interviewed by Monaco Hebdo (interview in French)

In 2008, international Cooperation became a national priority: what is the situation today?

A cooperation office has existed in Monaco since the early 2000s. We should not forget this. Following Prince Albert II’s accession to the throne and more specifically from 2008 onwards, a strong political will, instilled by Albert II, was demonstrated to promote official development assistance. Consequently, the Government of Monaco’s Office of International Cooperation was institutionalised with the appropriate human and financial resources.

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